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NEW BOOK RELEASE: Conflict Resolution: An Introduction to Third Party Intervention

NEW BOOK RELEASE: Conflict Resolution: An Introduction to Third Party Intervention

By Salisbury University’s Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution Professor, Dr. S. I. Keethaponcalan.

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This book delivers exactly what the title suggests. In one book the reader, be it a student, scholar or general audience member, can easily obtain a clear, comprehensive and approachable introduction to a wide range of third party intervention roles. For the more advanced reader there are plenty of nuanced insights, that can only come from a highly experienced intervener, that examine the conditions and circumstances where intervention processes are likely to be more effective in the resolution of conflict. This book is for anyone who wants to hone their problem solving skills, train to become a third party intervener or for members of the wider reading audience who want to learn about and more fully appreciate the vital role third party interveners perform in the prevention, management or mitigation of oftentimes costly, protracted and stressful conflict.

“This book introduces the subject of third party intervention, one of the core subject matters of the fields of conflict resolution and peace studies. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the dimensions, issues, and methods of third party intervention, and approaches the subject from an interdisciplinary perspective. It delves into third party definitions, typologies, actors, rationale, motives, decision dimensions, and roles. This book provides in-depth analysis of such third party methods as mediation, arbitration, hybrid procedures, problem solving workshops, and peacekeeping, uniquely bringing all major topics of third party intervention into one text. The last two chapters deal with timing of intervention and ripe moments, and ethics. Students of conflict resolution and peace studies will benefit from this book.”– from Amazon.

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