Research Team


The Center’s research team is composed of two groups.  The first consists largely of faculty that conduct empirical research on workplace disputes/dispute systems, court based alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes and programs assessments for numerous state, federal, and foreign governments.  This faculty research team has received a number of awards their research and publications.

The second research group includes faculty, graduate students, private conflict resolution practitioners and individuals from NGOs.  This group works on a variety of issues including academic program development, school-based conflict resolution programs, construction partnering on megaprojects, and process management in international development, environmental and public policy disputes.

All these projects serve a number of purposes that directly fulfill our mission to educate students on conflict resolution research, theory, processes and practices. In doing so the Center's research team provides, when appropriate, supervised internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students that allows them to take part in most facets of research that often lead to final reports, published articles in peer reviewed journals and conference presentations.


Red and Silver Fish
Director of Research & Evaluation

Dr. Ruth Obar
Senior Research Associate

Dr. Dean Ravizza
Senior Research Practitioner