Lecture Series

“One Person Can Make a Difference” Lecture Series

Beginning in the fall of 2001, the “One Person Can Make a Difference” lecture series provides the campus community with the opportunity to be exposed to pioneering individuals in the field of conflict resolution. It not only provides students exposure to these prominent figures but it also provides them with a forum to discuss a variety of current issues in the field of conflict resolution and peace studies.

Each person in the lecture series provides a first person account of some of the most inspiring stories of our age and focuses our attention on the power of creative problem solving, non-violent action and the power of spoken word. In the past, this lecture series has hosted such notable speakers as Giandomenico Picco, the former Under Secretary General of the United Nations, and Ambassador John McDonald. The speakers have covered such topics as terrorism, the recent events transpiring in the Middle East, and international development. The entire campus community and general public are encouraged to come share the wealth of knowledge and experiences offered by these individuals.