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Peter Kelly | New Center Senior Research Fellow

Peter Kelly | New Center Senior Research Fellow
A native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Peter Kelly has worked with survivors of terrorism for two decades.  As a campaign strategist for those affected by ‘Ireland’s September 11th‘ and other global atrocities, Peter has leveraged the power of the media and political arena to promote justice and solidarity for terrorism victims worldwide.  As a political journalist, speechwriter and tactician, Peter has networked global survivors groups together to promote their role within counter terrorism efforts.  At the Center, he researches these dynamics in new programs to involve victims voices’ in countering violent extremism, an initiative supported by the United Nations.
Peter holds a BA in Politics & English from Queen’s University Belfast, MA in International Peace Studies from the Kroc Institute at the University of Notre Dame, and is currently working on his doctorate at the School of Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason University.  He has published over 100 media articles on conflict resolution, co-authored 2 academic publications from Routledge Press and presented at 9 international conferences.  He is a member of the Advisory Board of the September 11th survivors association in New York and has directed communications for a Washington DC diplomacy institute. Mr Kelly also manages communications for the British Association of Journalists union in London.​
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