Matthew E. Creamer III

Matthew E. Creamer III earned his Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 1966.  Matt served local government for 34 years.  In 1967, he accepted the position of Supervising Planner in the Department of Planning, Zoning and Urban Renewal for the City of Salisbury and Wicomico County, Maryland. In 1970 he was promoted Director of Planning and Zoning.

In 1973, the Wicomico County Council appointed him Administrative Director for Wicomico County.  He was responsible for managing all operations of the county government and implementing decisions of the County Council.  He was responsible for preparing the county’s operating and capital budgets as well as implementing them, as approved by the Council.

Matt was Secretary of the Airport Commission from 1973 until his 2001 retirement, at which time the County Executive appointed him Vice Chairman of the Airport Commission.  He continues to hold that position to this date.

In 2007 the County Council asked him to come out of retirement to be appointed County Council Administrator.  He accepted and served in that capacity for eight years, before retiring a second time.  While being County Council Administrator he was appointed Chairman of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).  The MPO is an entity mandated by the Federal Government.  It is composed of representatives of member jurisdictions and undertakes transportation studies to benefit the area.  The planning area includes, Seaford, Delmar, Salisbury, Hebron, Parsonsburg, and Fruitland and some unincorporated areas of Wicomico County and Southern Delaware.  He continues to be MPO Chairman. All told, including volunteer work, Matt has continuously served the county, region, and state for over 50 years.

During his retirement years Matt did selective consulting in the private and public sectors.  Matt has worked in the Bosserman Center as an arbitrator and mediator.  He is also an expert in the field of construction partnering and has worked on several regional construction projects, both public and private. Among them are Perdue Hall, Conway Hall, on the campus of Salisbury University, the Universities of Maryland at Shady Grove Performing Arts Center, and other USM projects on the campuses of Bowie University, UMES, and Frostburg State University. Matt also worked on projects for the Smithsonian Institution.  Matt is the longest sitting Board Member of the Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution.